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A Warrior's Work: Part Two

Okay, I did it. I committed to doing this Five Day Pouch Test plan. I hope it helps me to rediscover my pouch! I am on day one: Liquids. Protein shakes all day. So far so good. Don't know if I could run five miles today but I am happy with my choice. The LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood is fantastic! A wonderful place to get support! I was really down in the dumps about this weight gain. It scared me to death. I did not feel like warrior, I felt like I was sliding fast into obesity again. Yet I was not scared enough to stop what I was doing! That freaked me out even more! Life stress has been enormous around here of late, and my eating has gone haywire. My workouts became non-existent and my running was becoming only a memory. So-- today I begin my journey. I am not starting OVER...I am just picking myself up and dusting myself off and starting from where I am. I have 16 pounds to go to get to my all time low of 144 lbs. I have to remember my old motto: "Progress Not Perfection"! Being too perfectionistic is a problem for me. I do not have to be the poster child for Weight Loss Surgery, only for my SELF. I am still proud of myself. That was even hard for me to TYPE! But I am. I did not let 15 pounds become 20 or 50 or 100. I am going to manifest the life I want!
I am a warrior. Are you?


Gail on 9:05 PM said...

Hi. Did you ever switch to a shorter hairstyle like you were considering in a post several weeks back? Post before and after pics. I'm looking for short hairstyle ideas and liked the one cut you were considering.