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Liberation and Short Hair!

What's that you say? LIBERATION and short hair? What exactly does that mean?

I have been thinking of cutting my hair even shorter. Why? Because I can. When I was obese I had varying length of longer hair. I hid behind it. NEVER considered cutting it short. That thought brought up feelings of: "People will see how fat my face is!" (As if hair really HIDES anything) and "People might think I looked too masculine." When I was fat I did not feel particularly feminine. (Despite my enormous curves!) I felt like I was hiding inside a fat suit. So my hair was my only link to my femininity. And it felt limiting too. I worried about every haircut.. Was it too "Mommish"? All that stupid vanity stuff we all go through!! It makes me crazy!

Fast forward to now. Two years and a loss of 145 pounds later...Getting my hair cut short will be a big moment for me. It will I can be feminine and have short hair. Strong and wise without worrying about what others think of me. And if I hate it..I will just grow it out! No longer am I bound by my LIMITED beliefs about myself and limited beliefs others have about women and attractiveness.

To quell my fears, I even Photo-shopped a picture of me with a new cute short haircut..Not bad, huh?


Shell on 11:02 AM said...

I love it! I can't wait to see pics after you get it cut!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Found your blog while surfing for summer haircut ideas. The shorter cut you picked out looks perfect. Very flattering. I like the bangs and hair off the neck. Please post before and after pics so I can possibly show my stylist. Thanks. Gail.

Lea in WV on 1:32 PM said...

I also got a short (very short) cut after losing the bulk of my weight (410 to 198). I'm SO glad I did it and no longer feel like short hair makes my face look fat!

I'd like to send you an invite to a WLS postop webring. If you are interested, please email me!

Suzan on 11:04 AM said...

You look fabulous with short hair. You should definitely go for it.