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Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big?

Ha! I bet that title got some folks attention! I took it from a book I recently read of the same title. And it got me to thinking: Does excess weight and clutter really have some sort of relationship? I can only answer that for myself and the answer is an unqualified "YES!"

I am a one of those folks who, let's just say: I have a high tolerance for clutter. Or I used to! Some thing's changing though. The more weight I have lost, the less I tolerate the chaos of a messy home. Now, I am by no means a newly born NEATNIK. Not in the least, but I am enjoying getting my home in order. That's VERY weird for me to say.
The clutter and junk was overwhelming. In fact, I hate even to write this out for the world to see! But its true. I feel like my husband and I were on our way to becoming one of those wackadoodle couples who live with stacks of stuff all around the house barely having room to walk! (I am exaggerating but it's not that far off!)So what is different for me?

Everything. I hold myself to a higher standard, I think. I value myself more. And simply put: the chaos just ain't working for me anymore!

So go figure, lose weight and get a new tidier outlook too. Yet another benefit of my journey.


Anonymous said...

That makes complete sense to me, I have actually experienced the very same thing. I'm in the process of losing weight for about 2 years now (changed my diet, eat more healthy, exercise more), and I find that the more I lose, the more I want to de-clutter my house *lol*

I have been reading your blog from time to time (stumbled upon it accidentally) and have to say that I really enjoy it. "Cheers" from Giz in Germany (don't have a blogger account so far, but am considering getting one...)