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Somethings Gotta Give

Every had "one of those days" turn into "one of those weeks", or for me, ONE OF THOSE FEW MONTHS? OMG I am so exhausted. I sit here, typing this with some sort of bronchial infection/crud that will not let me feel better. I have had one crisis after another and one houseguest after another since October! Good GOD, let me rest!!!! Then last week my husband got into a car accident. He is fine but our car is totaled. We have a second car, but it was very traumatic nonetheless.

I need to learn how to say NO. Even to the fun stuff. If I am tired and run down I need to stop and take care of myself. GOOD GOD, when I am going to ever learn this? My weight is creeping up, due to eating junk or what I call STRESS EATING. If I don't get a hold of it, it will lead me down a dark path.

I will be O.K. but I am not O.K. today. Just needed to vent...