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Learning New Things

Saw the movie, "Bucket List" this week. It got me to thinking about all the things I still want to do. I want to learn new things.

How does "learning new things" tie into the "losing weight" thing, you ask? Well, here is my experience:

Losing weight has made me bolder. Less afraid of the world and others. I feel more authentic, and I guess "Critics be damned!" This has led me to do other things on my personal "Bucket List". One of them is to Learn Italian. Why Italian you say? Why not a more useful language, like Spanish? Well, in 1981 I graduated from high school and went on a trip through Europe. I fell in love with the Italian language. I thought any language that calls a WINDOW: "finestra" or ORANGE JUICE: "succo d'arancia" was simply beautiful to me. Useful? Not really but beautiful and that was reason enough for me to learn it. I told myself then: "When I return to Italy, I will speak the language." That was 26 years ago and many New Year's resolutions ago. This year, I have begun the learning process. This Irish princess is now called a "Principessa Irlandese"!

Maybe a trip to Italy will come for me soon. I can enjoy it and speak a little too! Cross another thing off my Bucket List!

Ciao! I blog sarà sicuramente più tardi!