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Short Hair = Confidence?

I have had long hair for a long iime. I had it shorter about 10 years ago, but grew it out and kept it at a moderate length. This was mostly because I was heavy. I thought that keeping my hair long would hide some pounds. (LOL, this did not work.) I wanted to keep some essence of my feminity. Now, don't go bashing me about this: the fact is that the more weight I lost the more feminine I felt. I know this is not the case for some people. It was for me. So now 145 pounds less than my starting weight, I felt like I did not want to hide my face behind my long tresses anymore. It was a risk, but I took it. (I am good at taking risks now!)

I took a stand: I can be just as feminine with shorter hair as those with longer hair. I do not have to fit a societal mold of what "femininity" should look like.

So off the hair went. And you know what? It was so freeing! To not have to depend on my long hair. I feel like I walk in a room and people see ME, not my hair. It was empowering to cut it off!