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One Amazing Woman

My sister in law, Susy is amazing. Sometimes it takes a traumatic event to show someone's real character. Some people react horribly to an emergency, others rise to the occasion and really show how authentically heroic they are. Susy is one of those people. I have known Susy for many, many years. Her father, Bob, was the love of my mother in law, Carolyn's life. Scott has never referred to Susy as his "stepsister", because she has always been a real sister to him.

Susy had a very hard childhood and early adulthood. She made the best of her life with the tools she had at the time, but it was hard nonetheless. She has always been a most kind woman, sweet and matter-of-fact, without ever being abrasive. She is the kind of person you want around you all the time. Eight months ago, in an act of great courage she had weight loss surgery (the Mini Gastric Bypass, just like me). She has lost 100 pounds and has begun the ever-familiar journey of "blooming". She is really come a long way. She has become stronger, more centered, and taking a stand in the world. I love seeing all this confidence growing in her. She has a great son, a wonderful and supportive husband and now she has the best thing of all: HER TRUE SELF! Way to go, girl. Thanks for walking this life with me.


Susy on 9:50 PM said...

:) *blush

Thank you for showing me the way Barb. You have been honest, brave, caring, sharing, and straight forward with me, and I love you for that. I am feeling more like my true self your right. It's nice to feel happy in all parts of my life and like myself at the same time. I'm still growing and learing but more smiles and courage now. Thanks for spoiling me while I was there. I love everything!