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Happy RE-BIRTHDAY to me!

happy Surgiversary to me!

It was two years ago today that I chose to change my life. I was 292 pounds, aching in every way that a person could ache,.It was risky, it resulted in some pretty horrible weeks post-op, re-learning how to eat, learning to exercise and love it, working on my head/heart (not just my body!) --all which has brought me to today: weighing in at 146 pounds (146 pounds lost, size 2/4, stonger body, running marathons, and loving life.

Was it Easy? Lord have mercy, NO! Is surgery easy, pain easy? Eating liquids for weeks easy? Throwing up for 10 weeks easy? Learning to eat again, easy? Working out and running easy? No, no no no no....Worth it? yes yes yes yes yes...

What is different since surgery two years later?
There is nothing in my life that has not been touched by my weight loss. Mentally, Physically, Spiritually---all of it. I am more confident by leaps and bounds. I am stronger, calmer, and feel like I can do anything. To quote my sweet sis in law, Susy: I am living life with no regrets now.

Do you have alot of loose skin?

YES. I dont worry about it, because its part of the bargain. I don't have alot of deformity, but my legs are pretty scary--I will blog on that later.. maybe even post some pics. I have no bustline at all anymore. Really is there something thats less than an A CUP? I say this for information sake, not to bash myself.

Is it fun to shop?
I was not much of a shopper, I am a "go in, see if it fits and pay for it" kind of girl. Now I actually shop and see what looks good on me. My sweet husband says everything looks good on me now. (Not true, but very sweet to say..)

What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you since losing all the weight?
People thinking my husband divorced me and got himself a new wife. No kidding. We get that all the time! One lady I see a couple times a year for the last 13 years, said "Oh, I don't think I have met your wife, Scott!" while holding out her hand to shake mine.. OMG I started laughing! She freaked out when I told her it was me.

I feel more like the authenic Barbara. The Barbara I was meant to be. And that in an of itself, was worth this 24 month journey.


Susy on 8:48 AM said...

Bravo Barb... You have taken this tool and made a new life you can enjoy and love living. :)

Brad Garland on 7:47 AM said...

Hi Barb,

You're looking great and I bet feeling great. I'm not quite at a 1-year mark yet but couldn't be happier w/ my decision. Hey, if you're interested, come check out the little weight loss surgery network we have created and come be a part.

Here's a invite link to join!