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Caretaking and Taking Care

Since my mom in law's emergency surgery--life has been chaotic. Susy flew down from Oregon and helped take care of her with us. (Thanks Suz, you rock.) I learned alot from this experience. I can take care of someone better now that I am not a "patient" myself. I needed so much more help when I weighed 292 pounds. Taking care of Carolyn was an honor actually. It was hard, exhausting and nerve-wracking at times, but still an honor to help her heal.
Its nice to be able to say, "I did my best." and mean it. It once again cemented my thoughts on the strength of women in general. We are a heroic gender to be sure!
I also watched how I cared for myself. My self care slipped, but I let it slip conciously so I could do what needed to be done. I knew it was a temporary situation, so it was doable.

I pray for Carolyn's quick recovery and we are "coaching" her every day by phone now.