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Life is fragile

Change is the only constant someone once wrote. How true that is. Scott ran the NYC marathon and did well. We took his Mom with us to NYC and on the way back, we arrived home at the airport, his mom took a tumble off a small curb and she is now in the hosptial with a TOTAL shoulder replacement. Not kidding. Life as we know it is so fragile. One moment and it can change forever. I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary of my surgery on November 22. This event and others, makes me feel even more grateful for the life I have had thus far. This journey has been so changing. I sit here typing this in tears. I cry for my mom in law, I cry for my aging parents, I cry for myself. I know "this too shall pass"... But I did not want to let it pass without full grieving, fully feeling the weight of it. Things could be worse, of course.
So I am grateful for the good. I just am feeling so breakable right now.


Susy on 9:43 PM said...

FAMILY!!! I read this blog again Barb. And your words are so correct. Life is fragile. But we took it by the balls and took care of mom together. You were strong, brave and a wonderful daughter in law through this. Sorry it took this for a visit, but I wouldn't change it for a second, I would just change mom's pain. We all got a lot closer. I feel it! Everything happens for a reason, we may just not understand it at the time. :) HUGS