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Tattoo Update!!

Haven't posted in a long time as it is our crazy-busy-season. Can't wait until NOVEMBER! Sheesh.

I am updating my post about my tattoo. I found an artsit from Dublin who specializes in Celtic art based on the Book Of Kells. I saw her work and just by chance, I emailed her asking her permission to use one of her illustrations as a basis for my tattoo. (I am an artist, and I feel strongly about copyright protection so I wanted her permission before her art become a permanant part of me! ) Well ---she was so gracious. She offered to alter the design to make it more of a phoenix . She ended up making me a completely new custom design just for me! Cool huh? (Of course, I paid her for her services. I never expected a whole new design!)

Here is a rough sketch.... It is a Celtic Phoenix rising up from the ashes with the "phrase" Is Laoch Me" On his chest..It is Gaelic for "I am a warrior". It will be bright and vibrant colors and then it will be used for my tattoo! I LOVE IT! It is perfect and just what I wanted. I wanted to remind myself that I am strong, brave and willing to do what it takes...a life warrior! I will post a pic when I get the tattoo...