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Will I ever get used to this?

Okay, here I am, approaching my 2 year anniversary of my surgery (November 22) and I still get blown away by old pictures of me. I guess I am getting used to being "the new me", and seeing old pictures really startle me now. When Scott was cleaning his office, he came in and showed me these. I broke down and cried. From happiness? Yes, but also remember how limited and in pain and uncomfortable I was in those pictures.

I cried because I feel like I let so much time go by without a real life. But I cried from happiness too. That I now have that REAL LIFE.


Susy on 3:53 PM said...

Powerful words Barb. You have such a great way with words. I hope I cry with those same feelings in my future. Your my hero! xoxoo Susy

Turtle_gurl on 10:35 PM said...

wow, you looked like I do now. i am getting Gastric bypass in Nov, your blog is an inspiration