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It's official: 140 pounds lost!

It's official today: I have lost 140 pounds! WhooHoo! Thats ten pounds away from my original goal weight of 142. To be honest with you..I don't really care if I hit that weight. I am fitting into size SMALL and EXTRA SMALLs in tops and 4's in pants..So I am good to go.

How my life has changed from that 292 pound number! Scott just found this picture of me and my neice from I am guessing 2001. It blew my mind...

Now notice in close up on my face:

That "I-am-smiling-but-I-am-NOT-HAPPY-about-having-my-picture-taken" look! And I noticed how sad my eyes look. Wild...I don't cringe when I see photos like this. I smile. Because that woman deserved more in life than she had. She deserved MORE LIFE period.. (And she got more. Boy, did she!)


Susy on 6:12 PM said...

Oh Barb that’s great. You did lose on vacation walking your ass off and now running haven’t you? You did it! You inspire me so much. Your words are so powerful; you are such a great writer. You truly know how to put words on paper. 140 pounds, good work on pushing yourself and working hard and making it happen for yourself.

Kate Ryan on 10:20 AM said...

Hi! :) I am so glad I discovered your blog! :) I am looking for other women over 40 who are transforming their lives in midlife, and you definitely are transforming! :) I love what you have written about travel issues...some of my family members are having the same issues and are missing out on traveling because of weight. You are an inspiration! :) I HAVE to ask you something, though. I am 5' 4", and I went from 168 lbs/size 16 jeans down to 125 lbs./size 6 jeans. I can't seem to get into any smaller sizes...I see the women on the commercials who say they are my height/weight and wear size 2, and I think... HOW? I WANT to get into some size 2 jeans, too! question is: where do you shop? Because I would LOVE to buy some smaller sizes, even if they ARE "vanity sizes", just to be able to say I wear a smaller size, know what I mean? Right now, the smallest jeans I can zip up and wear are size 6. Any suggestions for where to shop to get into smaller sizes? It would be a HUGE inspiration for me to wear a 2 or 4!! I just have to find some I can actually wear! :) Great job on the weight look AMAZING! :)

Jilly on 2:39 PM said...

I still cring when I see my fat pics. Especially our wedding photos. They actually made me cry because I remember thinking I looked so great that day but YEESH! I wish I would have done this years ago.