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My Moving Mantra

Webster's defines the word, mantra as: "A sacred word or syllable repeated in prayer or meditation." Because running is so new to me, I felt like I needed some encouragement while I ran--when the going gets tough! I intuitively chose this phrase: "I am strong, I am light, I am a warrior."
Why warrior you ask? For many years I considered myself weak in body and spirit. I use warrior in the "my spirit is strong" sense. A sort of "I can battle my demons and win..." kind of thing. I wonder if mantras can work in our every day life too. I never put much thought into people repeating good thoughts as a way to change. I have done it and for the most part it did not really work for me. Until running. Now it gives me confidence when I am depending on my body to take me to new places.


Amber on 7:35 PM said...

Hello Barbara! I just read through some of your blog and saw your pictures! You look fabulous! If I look as good as you do at 160 I'll be thrilled! I'll keep reading your blog and will read the "past posts" to catch up on your entire journey!