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What would you do if your weight was not an issue?

That was a question I asked myself often over the years. I used to say "nothing, I do not stop myself from doing anything I want because of my weight!" That, my dear friends..was a lie. I did stop myself from doing so MANY every corner of my life. Now, at the "other end of the scale" I realize that. The big thing I wanted to do and did not allow myself to do: TRAVEL. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing to travel at 292 pounds. It was more of a hassle than a joy. And if I did travel, I got to my destination and was exhausted. Too exhausted to enjoy the sights.

Well Monday begins yet a new chapter in my life: TRAVEL. Scott and I are going to England and Scotland for two weeks. Scott has never been out of the U.S. and it has been over 2 decades for me. This is our anniversary trip. May 25th is our 22nd anniversary and we are celebrating early in the UK! We are so pumped to go and have some fun! I will post my European Adventures when I return. Cheerio!


Susy on 6:08 PM said...

Have a wonderful time. 22 years! Wow, what a way to celebrate a anniversary. Cheerio! :)

Susy on 6:41 PM said...

Come home... I miss your notes and you! :)