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Traveling While Fat vs. Traveling Light

May 1-17 my husband and I were in England and Scotland. What an amazing trip. We rented apartments in London and Edinburgh instead of staying at hotels. We walked everywhere, took the tube (subway), buses, trains and cabs. It was a blast. Edinburgh is like a new home for us, we loved it so much. This trip was such a celebration of our new bodies and renewed health! The old Scott and Barb would have wanted to take this trip, but would never have attempted it due to the fact we were so overweight, hated TWF (traveling while fat), and we were exhausted most of the time. I could not tie my own shoe laces 18 months ago. Now I climbed to the top of Salisbury Cathedral near Stonehenge, with breath to spare. Almost 400 stairs climbed...Phew! I amazed myself constantly.

This brought up alot of "stuff" for me:
What I have denied myself all these years(decades!)because of my weight problem. I am pretty outgoing and upfront person, so I held no illusions about how my excess weight affected me. But it almost scares me how different my life is now that I am thin. (Not different bad--different GOOD.) I am the same person only more confident, bolder, braver and happier. Not every gastric bypass patient gets these gifts, or recognizes them when they arrive. (I think my therapist has been a good tool for me to recognize these changes as they have arrived. )
In short, I feel more alive. I did not realize how little of my life I actually lived. Travel was so low down on my list because of the difficulties it presented me. I missed it so much. I feel like my life is a big adventure now! With so many more opportunities. I wonder what's next?


Susy on 6:17 AM said...

What a powerful testimony Barb. Good for you for “going for it”. Your owning your vacation to pushing yourself to run and stay healthy. Good for you. I’m proud of you Barb!