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Learning to be Aware and Awake!

Been a bit more active of late. Both physically and on the computer. Dr. R set up a new social network for MGB. Its pretty cool. Its like Myspace for MGBers. We can chat and learn from each other more easily than with say a Yahoo Group. I hope it takes off well. I did learn something from one member. She is 6 and half years post op and has gone from a low weight of 158 to a high of 205. That 47 pounds kind of scared me. She honestly talked about her issues and how she let it "get by her". I learned that we have to keep CONSCIOUS and not slip into denial or an blind state of being. I am not a "normal" person. I am a formerly mordidly obese woman who must battle it like a diabetic battles their health issues. I have been given a tool with the surgery. The tool has been pretty effective but it is ultimately UP TO ME to keep it this way.

I guess it scares me, because Life can rush in and take a hold and old habits are so comforting. I have to learn to keep aware and awake! I do not want to be so stringent that I have no other life than the one of a post gastric bypass patient, but that being said, I have a duty to my newfound life to keep up the status quo and take CARE of my new Self.

That's my two cents..