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Barbara Runs A Race!?

OMG, the girl who sat out P.E. in school, the girl who read books through recess, the woman who could not walk to her own mailbox 16 months ago-- entered, ran and finished a 5K run today! I am absolutely astonished at myself! (Did I really just do that?) I ran 90% of the race, too. Allowed myself to walk for 10-15 seconds and kept going. Huffin' and puffin', but I finished! Scott slowed his pace to a jog to run with me. He was cheering me all the way. Good Man, that husband of mine.

This is how it happened: Scott came home last night and said, "I am going to sign up for the Santa Anita Derby Days 5K down at the mall." I asked when the race was he said, "Tomorrow morning." My first instinct was "Ugh, thats an early morning..." Since he had done this race one before, I said, "Cool." Then as I was walking out of the kitchen, something foreign came out of my mouth, "Maybe I can run it too?" WHAT? RUN? ME?

I work out with a trainer two days a week. But this trainer specializes in elderly people and those not functionally fit, so I do not feel very challenged usually. (I was VERY challenged at near 300 pounds!)

Am I sore? YES. Am I proud of myself? Hell,YES! As I ran, I kept thinking, "Do it for her..Do it for the 300 pound woman who was so sad but faked it all those years!"
I also kept saying,, "I may be almost 44, but I am NOT DEAD YET!" Not by a long shot.

I will post photographic proof of this event in a few days. I have to see it for myself to even believe I did it. :D


Susy on 8:28 AM said...

Wow Barb... That just made me tear up. Good going. You should be so proud of yourself! And Scott too! Congrats. That was a great Ta Da moment.

Barb on 8:33 AM said...

Susy, thank you so much for "getting it". Not everyone does. It means alot that you understand how big this was for me! Thanks. You and I are going to run a race in 14 months or so. Whoo Hoo..