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I am 44 tomorrow

I am turning 44 tomorrow. 44?? How the hell did that happen? Not that it is old, but I finally feel great, more like 28! Three people asked me today if I was turning 34! I guess thats a good always look 10 years younger than you are! Don't have any wild plans for my birthday, as we are saving our pennies for our upcoming England/Scotland trip.. But I am getting my hair done and probably going to walk on the beach with Scott. That's all I really want to do..Just chill with people who I dig and who dig me. That's a nice birthday to me. Sing with me now: "Happy Birthday to you...."



Susy on 7:36 AM said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to Barb, Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!! :) Have a wonderful walk and day Barb... Love you!