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My brave sister in law gets her MGB

Hi Everyone,

Last Wednesday my sister in law, Susy got her MGB surgery! Scott and I went to Vegas to support her. Even though we could not stay for the surgery day we spent a day with her and her sweet hubby, Derrel. Susy was so ready for this surgery. Way more than I was. She is recovering well in her hotel room and goes home tomorrow. I am SO PROUD of her. This is such a hard choice, but such a life changing one!

Check out her blog here:

I cannot wait until she doesn't need pain meds for her sore ankle and hip. Moving around easier is such a wonderful gift of weight loss.

I told Sus, that we are going on a magical makeover weekend when she is ready! Whoo Hoo!

Hang in there, all gets better from here!


Susy on 3:55 PM said...

You and Scott made this journey much easier for me. Yes I did the hard work when it came to that "packet", but having you and Scott to share and talk to was very wonderful to have on my part. So thank you!

You Barb are my hero!


Susy on 3:58 PM said...

Having you and Scott to share and ask questions was very helpful with this journey I just stepped into. Yes, I did all the hard work on that "packet", but having you all by my side was so so helpful to my journey.

You Barb are my hero!