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The Dreaded Excess Skin Issue

Okay, okay... the time has come to discuss the dreaded EXCESS SKIN issue. We have all seen the plastic surgery shows on Discovery regarding the removal of excess skin in Gastric Bypass Surgery patients.

Do I need skin removal/tummy tuck?
Do I want it?
Am I willing to risk another surgery?
What about post gastric bypass weight gain fears?

At this point I could use a lower body lift. I carried my weight on my legs, and lower belly. I do not have an issue with my now much smaller"pre-teen" bust line. Some would have an issue with this, but I really don't. My large chest made me feel fatter. I feel younger with a small chest. Now if it gets much smaller, I will have to go into the "training bra" section to by my bras, but what the heck--who cares?
My legs are a problem area. With about 17 pounds to lose, this may get better or may get worse. This skin will NOT magically tighten, that I know. I cannot wear shorts or miniskirts, but at 43 I don't miss those options too much!

My lower belly is really funny. (Funny HAHA, not funny scary.. at least to me-) It resembles a change purse in a way! Or a Shar-pei puppy. Not grossly scary, but not too attractive either. I expected this outcome, so all of this is not a huge disappointment like it is for some.

I do not have the body I want ultimately, but who the heck does? I sort of resemble a looser version of my 15 year old self. Small bust, small waist, thin torso, prominent (but not fat!) hips, thick legs. Sigh...Okay maybe in my next life I will have gams to die for, but for this life I am happy with what I have.

I may decide on surgery at some point. I am open to it. I don't think it is a bad decision after all I have been through. It's just a decision for another time.


Susy on 4:58 PM said...


You look great! I know you, and you will learn and read and learn some more on this next decision in your life. Your blog is amazing, funny, and right to the point. You are my inspiration for sure! I'm happy to know you, and say you’re my sister in law, friend, and family! You go girl!!!!


Wady on 2:12 PM said...

Ahhh the extra skin. You gotta love the extra skin. I would like to get a tatoo for my 30th birthday but can't decide where to put it due to skin issues! I don't want to get a tuck one day and then have my tatoo all distorted!


Barb on 5:53 PM said...


I too want a tattoo but wonder where the heck to put it? LOL.