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Me? On Video? For all the world to see? Yikes!

When we went to Vegas to support Susy, Dr. R video taped Scott and I for posterity. I give Dr. R credit, he wanted me to talk about my early post surgery issues to everyone. So I did.

Now after all this time and energy how can I be so nutty to think after viewing the video "Damn I look old, my hair is a wreck!" Blah blah blah... I surprised myself with my nitpicking about how I looked. (Lord, woman! Get a grip you are 131 pounds less than you were 15 months ago. Sheesh.)

15 months ago I hid from every camera. Video or otherwise. I could not bear to even look in the mirror for any extended period of time. So the fact that not only allowed myself to be filmed but I watched the video and only cringed a bit is PROGRESS for me. Seriously.

Part One of the video:

Part Two of the video:

Ciao for now everyone..


Melting Mama on 6:12 PM said...

You look MAH VEL OUS. :)