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Wow. It has been a LONG time since I posted. I guess I had an inkling that maybe my thoughts here did not ever get seen. But I miss posting. As of November 22, 2006, I am now 1 year post gastric bypass patient! And what a year it been! A roller coaster of emotions, good and bad and everything in between!

I have lost 124 pounds. It is awesome to just be able to WRITE THAT! I still have about 26 pounds to go to get to my goal, but I am suspecting that 15 pounds of it is SKIN! Not kidding. But the plastic surgery issue is for another blog time. This is for my anniversary! YAY ME!

I cannot express adequately, the amazing differences in my new life. It has affected every fiber of my life, my spirit and obviously my body.

New milestones: Going into a LUCKY BRAND store..(a store I could not even pass fast enough when I was almost 300 pounds!) and getting a pair of button up hip (non MOM) jeans in size FOUR. I KID YOU NOT. A size FREAKIN' FOUR!
OK, ok so maybe they are right about vanity sizing these days but I DO NOT CARE! I bought the hundred dollar jeans and danced out of the store. Since then I have tried on other 6's and 4's and ya know what? THEY FIT (...dancing around my house is my new hobby...)

I had such a rough beginning a year ago. But it has been worth it. Now I cannot say I do not worry. I most certainly do. Will I gain it back? Have I learned what I need to do to stay thin? Am I going to wake from this dream tomorrow and be a size 26 again?

But I try not to focus on those panic-inducing thoughts and focus on how I feel. Which is GREAT, AMAZING, FABULOUS.

I will take pictures soon and post them here.

Hugs All.. email me if you want.. I love a good email.



Kaye Bailey on 6:31 PM said...

Hey Barbara!

Just came across your blog - great fun writing and CONGRATS on your weight loss! Looking forward to more updates from you, but I bet you are still busy celebrating those little itty bitty clothes.

Kaye Bailey