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Pictures here, get yer pictures!

Hi Everyone,

It has been 14 months since my Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery. My stats are as follows:

Surgery date: 11-22-2005

Pre-Surgery Weight: 292 lbs.
Current Weight: 162 lbs.
Height: 5'5"
Age: 42

Amount Lost: 130 lbs.
Amount Lost from highest weight of 311 lbs: 149 lbs

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words." I thought I would let my pictures do the majority of the talking here. It has indeed been a wild ride!

before and after weight loss surgery pictures

before and after weight loss pictures

weigt loss surgery pictures

I can't even begin to tell you the changes in my life these days! I feel so much more "authentically me", I like to say. I call it "BARBARA 2.0: THE UPGRADE". "The same Barbara you know and love, only faster, and more user-friendly!"


Wady on 10:18 AM said...

OMG you look AMAZING!!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so excitted to fit in a size 12 pair of jeans...I can't even imagine fitting in a 4!

I have a couple of personal questions for you, but I don't want to post them here. Can you email me sometime at

Thanks and keep up the great work!


zee zee on 3:37 PM said...

and CONGRATS to you!! happy belated surgiversary... you have done magnificent! keep it up and get used to the "skinny" comments, lol. *hugs*