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When did I become visible again?

Before surgery I was invisible. Morbidly obese folks will tell you how they do not get "seen". Maybe this was out of politeness--a subset of how we were all raised:

"Don't stare at that person!" A mother will tell her child looking at a disabled person. Could this be the same for the morbidly obese? "Better not to look like I am STARING at that person, so I will keep from looking at her at all." some may think. Or maybe it is more ominous than that. Maybe people don't look at obese people out of honest disgust. They fear getting fat themselves so acknowledging that an obese individual as a human person would make it someone (in their minds) easier for them to see THEMSELVES as getting that large. Who knows, really?

All I know is that since I lost 70 pounds, people look at me. In the eyes, they smile, they hold doors open for me. Now COULD this be because I am feeling better so I am looking "UP"? Looking at people instead of wanting to hide? Sure, that could be the truth. In fact, I think both are true.

I am being SEEN. It is like there was this secret club that I didn't know about and I am now able to join it. It's both irritating and exciting.

All I know is what I tell my neices and nephews when I am with them and see that they are staring at/commenting on an obese person.

It could go something like this:

4 yr old niece: "Wow, that lady is really big!"
Me: "Yes, and people come in all sizes and shapes. And notice how she has the most beautiful skin (eyes, style, whatever..)!" I want to pass on that beauty comes in all sizes. Attractiveness is not a SIZE issue.

That's my two cents...