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Anger: A byproduct of losing my protective layer?

Anger. It comes in so many forms. I am feeling like I took off my magic protective cloak (of overweight) and I am walking in the world alone and vulnerable.
How does this apply to the subject-anger? I don't really know yet. But I am angry.. and not willing to take the same CR@P I used to take. Maybe thats the key.

1:57pm Still struggling with anger today. I feel alone. Like I am battling this "dragon" with no backup. The smallest thing is making me ticked off and I am staying ticked off. SIGH....I don't want my fat back, but this is getting tough.


The Catapillar on 1:47 AM said...

I so feel the same way... Its like I finally feel worthy of having an attitude. Or actually standing up for myself.