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What did you love when you were 12?

I have this life lesson that has served me well when I have a decision to make. Or a direction to travel in:

Look back to when you were 11-12-13 years old- before puberty set in and hormones raged. What were the things you loved? What did you want for your Self? What did you love to spend your time doing? How are you different from that now?

Everyone has a dark past at some point. Maybe someone does not want to look back at that time because it was painful. But what I am saying is look back at your core self. The real kid who despite everything, loved to create, or cook or dance. She didnt obsess over her looks, she played and laughed and wondered what her life would be like. I owe her something. I owe her the life she imagined.

Why this age you wonder? I have this theory that this age-- before hormones and teen angst is the age when you can understand what some of the world is about. You develop interests and talents and you are freer to be geeky and fun loving.

So who were you at 12? Nice? Bratty? Perfect? Incorrigable? Fine. But look deeper. What did you love to do? What did you dream of doing? Those are secrets that still live in you. They would still give you joy if you experienced them today.

The picture on my blog is me at 12. I am holding my niece. I love the look of calm in my eyes. Like I am a million miles away. When I was 12 I loved art, I dreamed of painting. At 38, I looked back at this young Barbara and remembered this. I took an painting class and now I am a painter. See? This can be powerful if you are lost and don't know where to turn or are unsure of what would make you happy.

So what did you love at 12? Go out and buy yourself the toy you always wanted at that age. I recommend Lite Brite!.


Holly on 5:16 PM said...

let's see... at 12 i loved horses, and art, and books... i wanted to be a professional equestrian/writer/painter.

i'm making steps to being able to get back on a horse... i write papers regularly for school (LOL i know that doesn't count!) and as far as art.. i see beauty in the everyday and once in a blue moon i attempt some quilting.

excellent post.

Barb on 5:36 PM said...

Thanks Holly. You sound like you found your inner 12 year old just fine!