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Leveling The Playing Field

I was IMing (chatting online) with my sister the other night.
Discussing the fears and concerns I had about MGB surgery. She made
the best analogy.

First let me fill you in on her story:
She is currently 8 months pregnant at 40 years old. She has struggled
for more than a decade to become pregnant. Fertility meds,
operations, you name it she has done it. I was worried for her. I saw
it taking a toll on her. I SO wanted her to be happy. (For some
complicated reasons, she would not be approved for adoption.) So what
was she left with? She would give IVF (In vitro Fertilization) a try
again. And again. She never gave up HOPE. After three tries this
time, she got pregnant! She is due soon. She can't believe it, after
so long. She never gave up hope. Her baby is a girl. Her name? HOPE.
How perfect. I am so excited for her!

Okay, now fast forward to our chat. She said "Barb, this surgery will
LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD for you. It's just like my pregnancy. I tried
everything to get pregnant. I needed another tool. And here I am. It
wasn't an EASY choice, but it got me where I wanted to be. It even
the playing field. This will do the same for you."

This is just what I needed to hear. She wasn't biologically like
every other woman. She beat herself up for that for years. Then she
chose another tool, another way. She had folks wondering if she
should, worries and the like. Just like me. But she said it was worth
the risk.

Wise woman, that little sister of mine. Lucky me.


Holly on 5:20 PM said...

i can honestly say that i love the fact that i had gastric bypass surgery. i believe that it has saved my life. over 100 pounds ago my life was barely worth living. i loved my family, but i was physically miserable. i'm still obese, however, i am getting closer and closer to feeling better and more normal. it was a wonderful, godsent tool.

i feel like a weight loss surgery evangelist sometimes.. but damn, it's wonderful!