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Launching My Personal Comeback

I was watching Oprah the other day. (Yes, it's a show I Tivo and watch now and then) The theme was "Have You let youself go?" Oprah used a phrase "Launching Your Personal Comeback".. that phrase really struck home with me. That is what I want to do: LAUNCH MY PERSONAL COMEBACK"! Barbara v. 2.0!! My comeback is beginning with a new mindset, then a new way of seeing my body, then weight loss surgery and all that goes with that.
So, I wondered how one goes about launching a comeback. I came up with 8 things that must be there:

How do you launch a comeback?
1. Start with WHERE YOU ARE, not where you were in your "PRIME"....
2. Accept your faults and weaknesses that were not there before, and punch up your GOOD STUFF. BUILD on what is GOOD.
3. Change something radical, so you feel this is a new beginning.
4. Practice your "new moves" in a safe enviroment. Hire the best to train you, and work hard.
5. Think outside the box
6. Being willing to look at your comeback from a new angle.
7. Teach others coming up behind you, about life and success.
8. Realize that the comeback will be for good this time. You are not fading back into the woodwork like some old FAD. You are a legend. Legends LAST.