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The Easy Way Out

"Weight Loss Surgery is the easy way out." That is one thing pre-op WLS patients hear alot. It can make some furious, but I understand it to a degree. Those people really do not understand how hard this surgery is and how hard we have to work to succeed at it.

I have lost weight without surgery. Over and over again. I am good at losing weight. I want more than that. I want to help myself succeed for the long term. This is one tool I need in my toolbox.

I understand when folks say "It's the easy way out." Even Oprah has said that. (For that matter, having a full time trainer and cook is the "easy way out", too.) But diet, the surgery, the trainer, the cook... they are all tools. You are the one that have to utilize the tools. You are in control of your destiny. Are those who use fertility treatments taking the "easy way out"? No. If you knew how hard it was on them, how much those women have to go through, no one would dare say that. And when you know how much WLS patients have to go through to meet their goals, and change their life, alter their mental perceptions about food, no one would dare say it was "easy" either.

I am in control. I can use this tool to my benefit or I can ignore the restrictions and gain weight again. It is still my choice. This just levels my playing field. And I deserve that. Don't we all?


Holly on 1:32 PM said...

I hate it when people assume that the surgery is the easy way out. not many people have the potential of dying by choosing to do south beach.

It doesn't bother me much, though. Obviously they don't understand. I had one woman that told me weight would just drop off it only I would walk. I told her to strap a 250 pound man to her back and see how far she could walk.

i still don't think she understood.

but yes, we deserve to have the playing field levelled. and no one has the right to judge.

The Catapillar on 12:54 AM said...

very well put. We all deserve a the chance to be our best.