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November 22, 2005: My new birthday

I just got my tentative surgery date for my mini gastric bypass. November 22nd. This immediately follows our business's busiest season, Halloween. Am I making the right decision during this stressful time? I think so.

The Packet is a thing of wonder! So many questions. So much education. I feel like I am in college again. Good thing, though. All the knowledge eases my mind.

What will my new life be like? How will it be different? How will it be better? Will I actually miss part of being this way? I cannot imagine that. The small things that will change actually boggle me more: being able to tie my shoelaces, crossing my legs when I sit, not worrying about if a chair will hold me, not stressing over airline seats, not being afraid to meet new people, being able to get a massage, moving faster, the list is endless...My new birthday will be a tremendous gift to my body and soul.

More on the surgery.