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Day Four: Ugh

Day Four. Ugh. Can't seem to stop "grazing". I am not hungry. But I am stressed out. Life issues, money issues why do I let it affect my eating? Will I ever learn? I am struggling through today. Got to have hamburger patty. That was good. But I am overeating in portions and nibbling here and there. I am SO IRRITATED at myself. My DH has his big event on Sunday. Then things should cool down around here and get back to normal. I may do the Day 1 plan for the weekend. Make this a full week. See if that helps me get more control.

I am still amazed that I can eat as much as I am able to. My pouch is tighter but I realize how little it takes to loosen it up and stuff more in. EEK. Well the good thing is: I made it this far. I may have to go back and tweak my "Plan Of Attack" but I cannot quit now...

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