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Did I just get ASKED OUT?

I was walking home from a Starbucks run the other morning...pretty early in morning. I saw ahead of me a nice looking young man in a very nice suit and tie. I did that "smile at a stranger and nod" thing that folks do to acknowledge a stranger; and kept walking. I heard him call out "Excuse me, excuse me!" I stopped and turned around. He said with a huge smile on his face: "I just want to let you know that you are a VERY beautiful woman!" Agast, I almost giggled and said "Why thank you so much. That is so nice to hear so early in the morning!" and turned away and started walking again. "Excuse me, excuse me!" He called out again. I turned. "Yes?" I answered.
"Do you live around here?" he asked. Was I hearing him right? He is not hitting on me, is he? LOL. I told him I did. He then with the beaming kilowatt smile asked "Are you seeing anyone right now?"
OMG. This boy was all of 23 or so. Gorgeous, too. Was he REALLY asking me out?
I giggled, and I never giggle...and said I was married. He looked disappointed but undaunted. A bouyant personality!

I found myself laughing out loud on my walk home.. Did this Taye Diggs lookalike really ask me (a former obese 43 year old!) out? How great is that? That is new territory for me to be sure! A good day....