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Plateau from Hell

I think its most appropriate to speak of "A Plateau from Hell" on a day when the weather so resembles the climate of Hades.

It has been a month or more of me bouncing up and down two pounds. I am SO over it! I have tried eating "better" and eating "worse" and more water. My body is just STUCK in neutral. This of course, fuels my worry about not losing any more weight.

Am I happier at this weight than at 292 pounds? Of course I am. But I do so want to get to my goal weight of 145. Thats 50 pounds to go. I have some people "poo-pooing" my concerns, saying "You look great the way you are..." Ok. Thanks. But I am still considered 50 pounds over weight by most medical professionals. Actually, the darned charts say I should weigh even less! (Although, I put NO stock in those...)

Why is it not OK for a formerly morbidly obese person, to actually want to get to goal?? Why should I just say "The heck with it, this is it?" I did that for many years. It did not make me happier.

Now this is not to say I am obsessed with my goal. I am most definitely not. I am consciously enjoying every step of the journey. Even this plateau on some level!
I just want to set out to do something (within reason) and finish it. I have not done that alot in my life. It would feel fabulous to say I did.


Wady on 6:54 AM said...

Those pictures are amazing! Go for that goal girl! Just take it 10 lbs at a time. There should be no rush. You'll make it! You've come this can go a little farther!