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On being called "SKINNY"....

On being called "skinny": Its a weird thing to be called after all these years. I definitely do not feel SKINNY. I feel better, thinner, happier, but SKINNY? That's just an extreme word that people use to describe thinner people I guess. I am 195 pounds. By no means is that SKINNY.

I guess most of the people around me use it to boost me up. And for that I appreciate it. But I don't want to settle for "skinny in comparison to your old BIG self". That's great, but I fear settling for less than my goal of 142-148 lbs. (I am five foot five and small framed.) I have settled in the past and let important goals slip out of reach only for me to regret that I didn't acheive it.

The dictionary describes "skinny" like this:
skin·ny ( P ) Pronunciation Key (skn)
Very thin. Of, relating to, or resembling skin. having unattractive thinness;

Dang, that does NOT sound lovely to me! EW.

Okay, thats all for now.