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Traveling Without The Excess Baggage

I recently flew on two different airlines over the past month. JetBlue is amazing. Period. They need to fly everywhere so I can NEVER use another airline!

Things I noticed about traveling now:

NO seatbelt extender! No ASKING for a seatbelt extender! (With your flight attendent loudly asking "Camille, do you have an seatbelt extender for the passenger in 16D?" or worse, them forgetting about it and you have to ask them TWICE!!)

Room beside me to put the armrest down. Phew!

I didn't get that familiar look of "OMG, PLEASE DON'T LET HER SIT NEXT TO ME!" as I walk down the aisle to my seat.

This was all SO BIG for me. BIG BIG BIG. The freedom and lack of anxiety was palpable!