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Getting Thin At Last and BALD, too?

Okay, bald is a strong statement. But I am losing my hair in large quantities. I read about it, I understood it would probably happen, but I still am not prepared for it.

I have babyfine hair to begin with. I feel like screaming, "I FINALLY GOT TO A SOMEWHAT NORMAL WEIGHT NOW I HAVE TO BE BALD?!!" LOL.

I just have to be diligent about my vitamins and supplements. I have not been so great about that lately. Sometimes, in the morning, my hair comes out in CLUMPS! SHOCKING, HUGE CLUMPS!

I am working on "just letting it be", but it IS a weird experience! Ah, vanity thy name is MOI.


The Catapillar on 11:56 PM said...

I feel ya, My hair is falling out by the handful. I have started researching wigs... just in case. Dont forget protein...

SignGurl on 4:29 PM said...

I'm sure you are just as beautiful as ever.

I'm hopefully having WLS soon. I'll keep up with you and your weightloss.