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Day 16 Post Op Update

Day 16: -21 pounds

Thought I would post an update. Started soft foods yesterday. Runny mashed potatoes (about 1 tablespoon) never tasted so good! This liquid diet is strange for me. I am still battle the blues, too. Calling a therapist tomorrow. I think it would be good for me to deal with my issues as I am losing. Shedding my "fat coat" as I call it.

I started working out with my trainer again. As long as I keep hydrated with gatorade I do pretty well during the workouts.

My husband is going through the process for MGB surgery now too. He only has 65 to 70 lbs so his surgery will be modified for him. He has quite a few co-morbidities though. So after much talking, we agreed it would be best for him. Now that the surgery shoe is on the other foot, I am worried about him. Natural, I guess. But he has battled with his weight with more unhappiness and struggle than even I have, so I have to honor his decision, just has he honored mine.

Whats weird: I can still feel my new stomach. Not pain per se, but it's just "there". Can't really explain it.


Holly on 8:31 PM said...

talking to someone about the emotions involved with WLS is very important... so is getting involved with a support group, even an online group. i've been to several i found out about from it's nice having other people out there to talk to that have been in the same place!

The Catapillar on 12:49 AM said...

I agree that working out the mental issues during this time is very important. On another note, I can still feel my stomache too. It is really weird. Good luck with your journey and hour husband too.