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Writing a Book

I have been told a few times lately, that I should write a book about my weight, my issues and my trials, tribulations and triumphs.

A book? Really? (Sometimes, I feel like only two or three people ever read my blog, why would anyone want to read my story?)
But then today, some ideas started ruminating around in my old noggin.

So now it just may come to something...Hmmmm....


Amber on 8:17 PM said...

I'm sure so many people would enjoy reading your story. I check your blog daily. I can't get over those pics!! OMG....amazing! I've learned more from reading people's stories than I ever could have from a doctor. It's nice to read about people who are going through what I'm going throug and not just talking about what they "learned".

Susy on 9:16 AM said...

I think it's a great idea. You are a great writer and I would enjoy reading your honest truth. Good idea Barb!