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I have a NORMAL BMI!

Okay, I am taking in the SMALLEST of good things this week. Small loses, long runs, and this just blew me away: Today my BMI is 24.8 when I began my WLS journey on November 22, 2005 it was almost 50.0. Great right? Okay but when I have calculated it up until today it registered me as "Overweight" (it was OBESE). Today it said: NORMAL. OMG!! COOL!
Calculate your BMI here: BMI CALCULATOR


Susy on 11:40 AM said...

You and Scott are doing so great, and I'm proud of both of you for pushing yourself's. Great Ta Da moments this week for you. Congrats. Still waiting to see that picture you told me about. I'll keep checking back. Love ya! Susy