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Trying On New Clothes

I am not a clothes shopper, per se. I like going and buying something but not spending all day shopping for some unknown perfect outfit. Well I have barely two outfits that fit anymore. I wanted to get something that fit. I spent a couple of hours at Macy's and found nothing. A few things did strike me while shopping.

1. NOT shopping in the PLUS size area! This was a huge development for me. I found myself thinking, "Maybe, I will just go check the plus size area just in case." In case of what?? Sudden weight gain? I refrained.

2. Wanting to try on styles that I NEVER would have tried on in my old size. I wanted to try on a DRESS! (GASP!) Even if it didn't fit, or didn't look good, I felt like I could at least TRY one on. Didn't find one that I liked, but I did like the feeling of wanting to!

3. Kept wondering when someone would notice the big, fat girl in the skinny women's section! Not kidding. I have shopped in that section before, while a size 24 and had sales people ask me if I was shopping for a GIFT for someone else..No kidding! So I kept wondering when the Skinny Police were going to ask me to leave. WEIRD.

I found no new clothes, because I want to find things that make me feel good while wearing them. I no longer want to buy something just because it comes in my size. I did that for years. If something came in a 24 or 26, I just bought it regardless of how I felt about it. I felt grateful to have something in that size. NO LONGER. I want to have things that are of good quality and most of all make me feel good while wearing them! The search continues....