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The Bigness of Buying A Dress

Yesterday I bought a dress. Big deal, right? Wrong. It is a HUGE event in my life. I have not worn a dress in almost 20 years. (One that showed any leg or any skin, or had any semblence of feminity to it, that is...)

I went shopping with my older sister, who was in town for a few days. She is a major shopper. I am more of a "buyer". I go specifically with something in mind, see if it is in my size, then I buy it and go home. No real "let's see what the stores have" kind of attitude.

I was instructed by my sister, Mary to only try on skirts and dresses, since I have avoided them for decades. It was actually NERVE-wracking at first! I was almost nervous to try a dress on. I spent years as a size 24/26 and the act of looking for a dress was a real depression-creating event me then.

Dresses and skirts are important to me because they are uniquely feminine garments. They are expressive of one's girlishness, sensuality and sense of fun. (At least to me.) And all of that I had denied myself- at my larger size. So you see, the act of buying a dress equals a huge event in my life.

The dress itself? Halter style, above the knee, black low-cut, a-line and slinky.

The above pic is the dress but in brown. I bought it in black and of course, I am NO MODEL, but it looked pretty darn good on me.

I also bought a jean skirt and wore it out to dinner with heels! OMG. What a day.


Wady on 1:24 PM said...

Congratulations on the dress purchase! I just cleaned out my closet and found a ton of skirts that I have never worn. I am now excited to try them out! I want to see a picture of you in that dress...I bet you look awesome!

The Catapillar on 9:04 PM said...

I myself just had the same experience. It is a fantabulous feeling! I'm with Carrie... Pictures!

Barb on 6:41 PM said...

Okay, Chickies
I will take some pictures of me in the dress! LOL.