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Day Two After Surgery

My surgery was done on Tuesday November 22nd. It went well and was unremarkable. Which for surgery is GOOD. I am staying at The Venetian in Vegas while I recover. Here's the weird thing: I am blue and full of regret. I am at this "WHAT THE HECK DID I DO TO MYSELF?" phase. Is this normal? Is this me coming off the pain meds and anesthesia? I woke this morning crying. Not from pain,as it is not a huge issue.
It was invasive surgery, and I am sensitive to alot of things like that.
Don't know if I have done the right thing, but what are my choices now?

Talked to family who reminded me that I react strongly to anestesia and pain meds...I always have. So that could be a factor. Then I started thinking. This surgery is essentially permanant. So I could be freaking out that there is no way back from this. Would I want a way out? Don't know right now. I seem to be greiving. Weird. Scott has been wonderful and so patient. I am lucky.


Holly on 2:04 PM said...

what you are going through is totally normal. i went through that up until the weight loss was really showing and i could telli was feeling better. it got worse for me before it improved. i had 2 sinus surgeries less than a year before my gastric bypass and it just seemed each surgery was that much harder to recover from.

and yes, it is like grieving. you go to sleep and wake up and your life will be different from now on, what you eat, how you live, is all changed in the blink of an eye. it's okay to be weirded out. i was. i still am occasionally.

recovering at the venetian.. how posh!